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Do GH3 Supplements Have Health Benefits? Analyzing The Research

Do GH3 Supplements Have Health Benefits? Analyzing The Research


Gerovital or GH3 is yet one more candidate compound which is touted as the key to everlasting youth. It’s stated to spice up sexual prowess, forestall coronary heart illness (which you may have to help your new-found sexual mojo) and in addition forestall wrinkles and colour hair (which is perhaps wanted to draw the item of your wishes together with your new discovered sexual mojo).

Sounds too good to be true? Let the science determine for us.

What Is GH3 Gerovital?

Gerovital is also called 2-diethylaminoethyl p-aminobenzoate monohydrochloride, chlorhydrate de procaïne, Gero-Vita, Gerovital, Gerovital-H3, GH-Three, KH-Three, Procaína, Procaïne, Procaine Hydrochloride. That’s lots of names. Does it do something?

The lively ingredient in Gerovital is procaine. Procaine is a generally used drug in drugs and is usually used as an area anesthetic agent. It was developed in 1905 by a German scientist, Alfred Einhorn. Procaine is often injected when used as an area anesthetic.

Curiosity in procaine started with studies from surgeons of sudden constructive results of their sufferers akin to hair progress and re-coloring (1).

I discover this complicated.  Firstly, and admittedly this can be a gross generalization, many surgeons would have completely little interest in the colour of their sufferers hair. Definitely, not one of the surgeons I do know would discover or care.

Secondly, why and the way might that attribute the brand new hair shade to procaine and never one thing else eg lack of ache or elevated blood move after profitable surgical procedure?

Dr Ana Aslan, a Romanian geriatrician, took an interest within the attainable anti-ageing results of procaine. There have been quite a lot of formulation challenges to be overcome if procaine have been for use as an oral anti-aging agent.

Firstly, procaine isn’t absorbed properly when taken by mouth. It’s shortly damaged down by enzymes within the physique.

Secondly, procaine has an area anaesthetic impact which we might not want or need.

Dr Aslan headed to her laboratory and developed a modified model of procaine which she referred to as Gerovital. Gerovital overcame the 2 issues of low oral absorption and native anesthetic results. Gerovital accommodates extra than simply procaine hydrochloride. It additionally incorporates benzoic acid, potassium meta-bisulphite and disodium phosphate.

The compound has a pH worth of three.Three. This specific pH is considered essential to the steadiness (potential to remain within the physique) of Gerovital.

Structurally talking, procaine is an ester of two professional B nutritional vitamins, para-amino benzoic acid (PABA) and diethyl amino ethanol (DEAE).

At an important time within the exploration of Gerovital, Romania didn’t allow the exportation of the compound. This in flip had two fascinating penalties.

Firstly, the event of a medical tourism business in Romania as individuals of means travelled to acquire Gerovital remedies.

Secondly, a chilly struggle developed between Romanian and US investigators. US investigators tried to formulate their very own Gerovital for research functions. The analysis research have been unsuccessful. The Romanians blamed the formulation used. The People blamed Gerovital.

Therefore the chilly warfare.

There are over 100 Gerovital merchandise on the market on Amazon. They arrive within the type of anti-ageing lotions, serums and hair oils. They arrive branded with Prof Aslan’s identify. I noticed one GH3 product which could possibly be taken orally. On nearer look, it didn’t technically include GH3 however did contained PABA and DEAE.

Is There Any Research?

There are 45 publications and 10 medical trials on Gerovital. To place this into context, there are 1000 publications and 32 medical trials on Xbox gaming. You might properly ask what the connection between longevity and the Xbox is? None in any respect. I’m simply highlighting how little or no info there’s on Gerovital.

Does GH3 Gerovital Scale back Age Spots or Wrinkles?

The revealed literature on GH3 is just not very promising.

There’s a case report of contact dermatitis brought on by Gerovital cream within the literature courting again to 1985 (2).

Hypersensitivity brought on by Gerovital was additionally described within the medical literature in 1977 (Three). The authors of the paper advise that care ought to be taken when utilizing Gerovital topically with a purpose to keep away from vital pores and skin reactions.

That is definitely a serious consideration for individuals planning on spending giant quantities of cash on Gerovital anti-aging face lotions. Who needs to commerce wrinkles for a vibrant purple face? Not me.

Backside Line

Gerovital doesn’t scale back age spots or wrinkles.

Does It Assist with Nervousness or Melancholy?

There’s sketchy knowledge from a 1978 research which in contrast Gerovital versus placebo in 25 middle-aged with delicate to average melancholy (four).

Oddly sufficient the research confirmed vital enhancements in each remedy arms of the research. Hardly a win for Gerovital. There’s not rather more obtainable within the research particulars for us to evaluate.

Then there’s a research from 1976 which appeared on the impact of Gerovital within the remedy of melancholy within the getting older inhabitants (5). Sadly neither the summary nor unique paper can be found.

Equally a research from 1974 appeared on the impact of Gerovital in the identical affected person demographic however once more neither the summary nor the unique paper can be found for us to evaluation (6).

We now have extra luck from a research carried out within the in 1975 within the Bronx (7). This research enrolled hospitalized sufferers with a mean age of 73 years who had average melancholy. On this double blind trial design, sufferers got both Gerovital or a saline placebo intramuscularly 3 times every week for 12 weeks.

The research failed to point out any statistically vital distinction between the 2 affected person teams main the authors to conclude that Gerovital had no useful results on psychological functioning on this specific research.

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Gerovital doesn’t assist with melancholy.

Does It Assist Recolor and Regrow Hair?

There are not any medical research taking a look at Gerovital for hair colour or progress.

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Gerovital doesn’t assist recolor or regrow hair.

Does It Decrease the Danger of Most cancers?

There are not any research taking a look at Gerovital in most cancers.

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So far as we all know, Gerovital doesn’t decrease most cancers danger.

Does It Shield From Herpes?

There are not any research taking a look at Gerovital for the prevention of herpes.

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Gerovital doesn’t shield from herpes.

Does It Improve Sexual Efficiency?

There’s a research from 1972 which addresses the difficulty of Gerovital for ‘disturbances of sexual dynamics during the andropause’ (eight). I really like the quaint language. I’m afraid that we don’t know what the research confirmed as but once more, we will’t entry the info.

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There isn’t any knowledge to help using Gerovital in case your ‘sexual dynamic’ is ‘disturbed’.

Does It Shield from Cardiovascular Illnesses?

A 1977 paper from Germany in contrast the consequences of placebo to Gerovital in 173 sufferers with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) (9). Solely the summary is on the market to us and states that ‘the results were very encouraging in 46% of the treated patients, in 28% a slight improvement was obtained while in 26% the state was unchanged but not worse’.

I don’t know what measure was used for higher or worse on this research. Within the absence of extra info, it’s troublesome to interpret these knowledge. As a aspect word, the paper additionally had a single writer which all the time raises points about objectivity and high quality given the truth that 173 sufferers have been concerned within the research which is a large enterprise.

A scientific evaluate of Gerovital in 1977 recommended that Gerovital might have an antidepressant impact and that any reviews of enchancment in cardiovascular signs might relate to the antidepressant impact (10). That is hardly rocket science however is mentioned right here as one of many only a few hyperlinks within the medical literature between Gerovital and coronary heart illness.

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There isn’t a trial knowledge to help Gerovital for coronary heart illness. (However it might not matter a lot, as Gerovital gained’t be serving to you discover your sexual mojo anyway – sorry, however I couldn’t resist being sarcastic).

Does It Increase Immunity and Forestall Allergic reactions?

There are not any research on Gerovital and immunity.

There are not any research to recommend that Gerovital can shield towards allergy.

Then again, Gerovital has been proven to trigger hypersensitivity reactions.

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There are not any research connecting Gerovital to well being advantages when it comes to immunity or allergy.

Is GH3 Gerovital Protected?

We’ve got very restricted knowledge on the security of Gerovital.

We will probably extrapolate from security knowledge on procaine.

Procaine may cause a variety of unwanted effects together with heartburn, migraines, and a critical inflammatory situation referred to as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). SLE can explanation for signs together with arthritis, vasculitis, rashes, lung issues and renal failure.

Pseudocholinesterase deficiency is an inherited dysfunction which makes individuals hypersensitive to sure anesthetic medicine together with procaine. When you’ve got this dysfunction, you shouldn’t be given procaine intramuscularly. This many/not prolong to Gerovital which is given orally.

Procaine can work together with various prescription drugs and ought to be prevented. These embrace (however will not be restricted to) the guts treatment digoxin, muscle relaxants, succinylcholine and a few antibiotics.


What is actually happening right here? The harsh actuality of life is that research coming from outdoors of the USA are unlikely to realize widespread acceptance with out endorsement ultimately from the USA. That is neither my opinion nor my suggestion however it’s my statement.

If Dr Aslan actually needed to vary the world, then she would both have needed to perform top quality research and publish them in extremely revered journals or alternatively she would have wanted to supply a few of her ‘precious’ compound to different unbiased businesses to review.

Failure to do both after which to complain that the compound utilized by the USA was sub-standard smacks of the founder syndrome (the kind of drawback that arises when founders keep a disproportionate and dangerous affect that stymies future progress and progress).

I hate to need to be the one to inform you, however Gerovital ain’t our ticket to everlasting youth.